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weekly rental apartments in Paris

From studios to 5 room apartments available by the week, the month or yearly

The apartments are located in the best areas of Paris and in good quality buildings, near public transport, shops, restaurants and cinemas. They are confortably furnished.


The advantages of letting a flat on a weekly basis for property owners

weekly rental apartments in Paris

Weekly furnished flat letting with France Ermitage carries many benefits for landlords: a full property management service, high occupancy rate, attractive tax benefits and the option to occupy the Paris flat periodically.

Full property management service

When entrusting your flat to the care of France Ermitage, you can expect a comprehensive property management service. For example, if our interior designer decides to change the furnishing or something in your flat, France Ermitage takes care of buying and fitting these extras.

France Ermitage also takes care of finding occupants for weekly lets and carries out inventories (on checking them in and out). France Ermitage also ensures that your property is kept clean and in full working order during and at the end of each stay, makes replacements in the inventory and if necessary charges any repair work to occupants in order to restore the flat back to its former state.

Lastly, France Ermitage takes care of collecting rent, settles maintenance bills and deals with any damage occurring in the flat (expert advice, quotations, follow-up on restoration work, etc.). The accounts department ensures that landlords receive clear and detailed quarterly statements. With France Ermitage, property owners really have nothing to worry about. As for Agency fees, they amount to 6% (excl. VAT) of received rental revenue.

The advantages of letting a flat on a weekly basis in Paris

The demand for temporary accommodation in Paris is high, which is why our weekly-let flat service is so successful. Flats in the France Ermitage portfolio have an average occupancy rate of between 85 and 92% per annum, which is the equivalent of about 11 months a year.

Another advantage of weekly rental is that the flat wears better. Being furnished and decorated, furniture removals are not necessary, reducing the risk of damage. Additionally, weekly cleaning and regular checks made by our property manager at each change-over means that the slightest problem or sign of damage can be detected at an early stage and dealt with promptly. As a result, flats age more slowly and only require refurbishment, on average, once every 8 or 10 years.

Tax benefits of furnished letting

Another significant advantage of weekly letting of furnished flats is the tax benefit it entails for rental earnings. If rental revenue does not exceed 30,000 euros years it is possible to register as a ‘micro enterprise’. Tax relief of 50% is then applicable (in lieu of expenses). In other words, tax will be calculated on only 50% of your earnings – a very attractive benefit indeed.

Your flat remains available

Finally, a benefit which is almost unheard of for landlords: with France Ermitage you have the possibility of periodically re-occupying your own flat. To take advantage of this option, all you need to do is contact us and book your flat for the desired period. If your property is already rented out on the dates you require, then France Ermitage provides you with accommodation of equivalent or superior size. We provide a weekly rental system that is perfect for all those who wish to visit Paris occasionally.




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